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Tutoring For Nurse School Entrance Examination

It is stating the obvious to say that gaining admission to nursing school can be an arduous and competitive endeavor. Prospective nursing students are required to take these examinations not only to demonstrate a basic understanding of the prerequisite materials but also to show that they are able to study at a more challenging pace and volume of complex materials. Students intending to seek admissions to nursing schools or those who have unsuccessfully sought admissions are assured of professional and expert guidance to prepare and pass theses nursing entrance exams. Please remember even with high grades in your core subjects (with high GPA) and may have done well in oral interviews, nursing schools place great premium on your performance on these entrance test and it plays a crucial role in determining the prospect of your getting admitted to a nursing program.

There are three popular pre-entrance examinations that nursing schools typically require their students to take namely;

1. Health Education Systems, Inc. Admissions Assessment (HESI)

2. Nursing Entrance Test (NET), and

3. Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

Please know that it is your responsibility to ascertain the type of test your intending school requires and to prepare accordingly. No matter which test please be advised that adequate preparations is needed as these (HESI, NET, or TEAS) are challenging and needs your best efforts.

Brief Description of the Tests

HESI Test: The HESI Admission Assessment tests on the following subject areas: Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy and Physiology. This is perhaps the most comprehensive of these three nursing school entrance exams. HESI publishes a study guide that includes details about what each subject area covers, practice questions, suggested vocabulary to know.

NET Test: The NET includes six parts: reading comprehension, math, test-taking skills, learning style, stress level, and social interaction. Some nursing schools use an additional exam section which covers grammar and punctuation. The entire test must be taken, but only the reading, English, and math sections are used to determine admission.

TEAS Test: the TEAS entrance exam is broken into four subject areas: English, reading, math, and science. The English and reading sections of the exam cover basic language skills including spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and reading comprehension. The math section tests knowledge of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, metric conversions, and algebraic equations. Finally, the science portion of the TEAS Test covers general science, physical principles, biology, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology.

Important Steps Regarding the Nurse Entrance Exams

1. Find out where you can take your nursing school entrance exam in your area and how to register. Be aware that there is a fee for a nursing school entrance exam. This is all information that you can get from your prospective school. Give yourself enough time to study before your registered test date.

a. The NET has 175 questions divided into 6 parts, including reading and comprehension, math skills, stress level, learning style, social interaction, and exam-taking skills.

b. The TEAS consists of 170 questions in reading, math, science, and English.

2. Find out the specifics about each test so you know how to study and what material
to focus on. The exams typically take 3 to 3.5 hours to complete. The TEAS can be taken on a computer or using pencil and paper, while the NET is a computerized test. You will find out your scores immediately after completing the test.

3. Study as much as possible before the exam. Nursing school entrance exams are content driven, which means that they will test what you already know or should know. Techniques that can be successful for studying content include memorization, using acronyms, and using associations. Another type of studying is "chunking," which is breaking a large amount of material down into smaller units instead of trying to absorb everything at once.

Our Pledge to the Intending Nursing Student

Because we at EZE LEARNING CENTER believe that the crucial choice of where to attend nursing school has to be made by the student, we provide needed guidance regarding each test after the school choice has been made. We provide guidance and disseminate pertinent information including dates and deadlines regarding these pre-nursing admission tests for each selected school. 

In order to enhance preparation, we provide a 4 week intensive review/interactive sessions requiring participation of both the students and the facilitator (three times per week and each lasting three hours) during which time each candidate's areas of need will be analyzed and weakness improved upon.

You will find EZE LEARNING CENTER an invaluable career guidance facility to help you with your professional pursuit(s). We will provide you with the necessary entrance information and the direction to be successful in your Pre-Entrance examination.


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